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Europe’s innovation wunderkinds: The rising B2B start-up ecosystem

PIN europe’s-innovation-wunderkinds:-the-rising-b2b-start-up-ecosystem
While B2B start-ups are making Europe more competitive, start-ups, investors, and corporates will need to share expertise and work as partners to realize the region’s full entrepreneurial potential.

Digitization, decarbonization, and electrification: A conversation with CLP Group’s Austin Bryan

PIN digitization,-decarbonization,-and-electrification:-a-conversation-with-clp-group’s-austin-bryan
Energy represents one of the last major economic sectors to undergo digital disruption, but massive change is under way. The key to providing sustainable solutions such as energy as a service is a company’s willingness to embrace ambiguity, risk, and discomfort, according to the head[…]